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G'day, Im Ty

Raised amidst the dynamism of the Gold Coast, my eye has been trained to capture the world through my lens. But it’s not just the allure of sports, lifestyle, and portraits that fascinate me – it’s the power of every frame to tell a compelling story. It’s the ability to freeze time and communicate a narrative that evokes emotion. 

My passion expands beyond photography and storytelling, flowing seamlessly into my profession in marketing and brand development. I find exhilaration in the creation of narratives, and I’ve realized the profound influence they can have when well crafted. Working for several years as a Marketing and Digital Manager at Aqualuma LED Lighting has allowed me to explore this passion further. I have not only marketed high-end, innovative Australian lighting solutions, but also immersed myself in the intricate world of lighting design and simulation. By creating illuminative, cost-effective simulations, I can bring spaces to life, complementing and enhancing their intrinsic qualities. 

Outside of the lighting studio and away from the camera, I cherish the simple pleasures of life. As a die-hard fan of the great outdoors, I find solace in the rhythm of morning walks or runs alongside my partner and our lovable corgi, Maple. On these strolls, we often find ourselves heading for coffee, embracing the start of a new day. I cherish the sun-drenched days, filled with the hum of good music, the thrill of surfing, the serenity of the ocean, and the pulse of fitness. Road trips, and exploring new territories, make my heart race. I am also an avid Apple user, appreciating the sleek design and innovative technology they offer.

Tynan Holmes self portrait